All this and heaven too
The truth is shocking

The truth is shocking

I'm Meredith Grey Curtis, Doctor, perfectionist and wife to Ethan Curtis. Don't be afraid to come talk with me but don't let the truth shock you.

As for Meredith, I will not be formally dropping her because she is my OC. I do not have the time to play her right now so I’m putting her on a semi-permanent hiatus for the moment. I still love Meredith and I believe there is more that I can explore with her so plot-wise right now she is with Ethan and the kids but I mean you guys know me so I’ve already got an idea on how to bring her back when I have the time. (Which hopefully over second semester I will). To be honest I love her too much to drop her and there are so many directions to take her that I’m just not ready to let my baby Mer go. As for now, know that her, Ethan, and the kids are very happy and away from danger. 

If you would like to tie up some loose ends I have no problem doing so. Just shoot me a message on any of my characters and we can work something out. 

Love you all <3


Home for the holidays… permanently || Self Para 


 This is basically the explanation of what is happening in Ethan’s plot, kind of like a farewell scene in a TV show. Yes, that does mean I am “dropping” the character. That being said, I’d like to both apologize and thank everyone of this roleplay. I apologize for not showing Ethan the attention I should’ve and not taking action to do what I should’ve done a long time ago sooner. The thing is, even though I did not take proper care of Ethan, I did love his character and being him… I just lost my muse and hoped maybe if I hung on each time I’d find it again — I never did. It happens. Now to thank you all, especially Thanh and Addi who helped me bring this character to life and made the year I had him one of the greatest. Thank you all for ever interacting with this little cutie and giving me a chance to express his beauty. It kills me to say goodbye to him, but I’m no longer fit to play his character — nor have I been for a while. Thank you all for believing in me.

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ooc: miss you guys, I’ll be back from Ohio in a few days and alsdkfj I can’t wait


I think my doctor would know if I had a multiple personality disorder.


Well I’m beginning to second guess my diagnosis miss mean Leah


That would be Aunt Leah. Completely different person.


Is this some clever way of you telling me you have multiple personality disorder? 


There is no nice Leah, you know, only less mean Leah.


I’m sure Amelia and Logan would beg to differ 


That’s work Leah. You don’t know her very well, she’s quite mean.


I don’t think I would like that Leah very much, how about I take nice Leah out to lunch.